Our Transformations

Jamie helped me to bulk up & put on 10+kg of muscle! I first reached out to him during lockdown when i was at my lowest, weighing 69kilos at 6'ft tall. On our weekly calls he helped me understand where I was going wrong and we set a goal to reach a healthier weight of 80kilos. With his experience and guidance on proper nutrtion and training principles, over our 4 months working together we hit 82kg! He gave continually updated meal plans, workout programs and I followed it to the 'T' and now the results speak for themselves


Before I got my nutrtion dialled in I was always chubby, and now finally I have visable abs.


Training in martial arts my whole life; I had always been in great shape - until I hit my 40s. I didnt know what else to do, i thought those days might be over especially with all the nagging injuries i gained along the way. When the gyms shutdown in 2020 I was confused on how to train, thats when I got in touch with Jamie. He taught me about Calisthenics - how to workout with only using my body weight. Since then I've got in phenominal shape, even now that gyms are open - calisthenics still makes up the bulk of my training!