The Peakfitness Protocol - Online 1TO1 Bespoke Coaching

££ | Custom Pricing (Usually £100-300+)

🔥THE Healthy Lifestyle Mastery’ 12 WEEK Program🔥

Suitable for driven committed persons who are disappointed in how they’ve become so deconditioned during the corona pandemic, who want a PERMANENT solution to their pain.

This program will...⬇️

✅ Provide a remarkable transformation result without you having to sacrifice your work or life.

✅ Eliminate the fat off your stomach whilst creating a V-tapered physique that gets heads turning.

✅ Provide the most time-efficient result based on your lifestyle.

✅ Replace a quick fix mindset with sustainable long-term habits that set you up for success in all walks of life.

✅ Enable you unshakeable amounts of confidence.

✅ Teach you how to build your own fitness plan by yourself using a replicable system.

✅ Fix your health area once and for ALL.

✅ Enable you to become the best version of yourself.

... all whilst having HUGE time constraints.

"Sounds amazing!"

"But how does the program work?" 🤔

The 5 "Pillars of Performance" I utilize are ⬇️

Get understanding of the problem they to client 

Identify skills needed to solve 

1️⃣ The Lifestyle Audit.

➖ In the Lifestyle Audit we analyze your current life, discover your ideal lifestyle & goals,  and build a clear roadmap to transition from your starting point into your highest level being.

Habits serving you & not serving you

2️⃣ The Essentials Mastery.

➖ In this pillar we implement the 20% of training, nutrition & lifestyle adjustments, that provide 80% of the results

3️⃣ The Optimization Toolbox.

➖ In this pillar we find our strengths & weaknesses as a unique individual and implement advanced techniques that suit you best, achieving remarkable results efficiently.

4️⃣ The Continuous Progress System.

➖ This pillar enables us to discover plateaus ahead of time and adjust quickly to ensure adequate progressive overload week after week.

5️⃣ The Sustainable Life Plan.

➖ The big one.

➖ We assemble all the tools you acquired and build your own fitness plan using a replicable system you can use to keep your health area handled FOR LIFE.

This program IS for Driven Professional men who...

✅ Are READY to take charge of their lives and dictate what their future looks like.

✅ Neglected their health and want to fix it NOW.

✅ Are ACTION TAKERS who are WILLING to put in the work to reach their dream physique.

✅ Are fed up with short-term quick fixes and value long-term success.

✅ Don’t want to give up their favorite foods and spend all day in the gym.

✅ Want to learn the tools to be in charge of their own health.

✅ Want their physical condition to ENHANCE other areas in life.

This program is NOT for men who...

❌ Are unclear about their goals and what they want to achieve.

❌ Are not willing to COMMIT 100% to the process.

❌ Are not coachable.

❌ Are making excuses for their current situation instead of taking responsibility for it.

This system has helped dozens of driven deskbound professional men reach their physical genetic potential without sacrificing their life.

I am opening the door ONLY for the FIRST 5 men who are SERIOUS about learning how to take control of their health.

I am very picky about whom I work with and the number of people I coach at a time…

These spots will fill up VERY QUICKLY.

If you’re interested, drop a ”TRANSFORM” in the comments below and I will send you an application to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

1to1 Zoom Coaching calls 

FULLY CUSTOMISED Meal Plans updated along with your progress 

Customised Workout Programs Adjusted 

24/7 Messaging access with your PT for help & advice


PEAK FIT ATHLETE - personalised training pROGRAM + Guide

£50 each depending on complexity

Upon payment there will be a fitness questionnaire for you to complete. This is so the routine can be created to suit you and help you achieve your desired fitness goals!

What will you get?

A custom workout program to fit your weekly schedule

Structured downloadable PDF including sets, reps and rest periods for each exercise

Printable workouts 

A cardio program 

Extra resources for you to learn more about fitness and achieve your goals

Complete nutrition - personalised Meal plan + Guide

£50 each depending on complexity

What do you get?

A custom 7 day meal plan to fit your weekly schedule

Structured downloadable PDF with embedded links, recipes, instructions & weekly shopping list included, macros and calories calculated and customised

Extra resources for you to learn more about diet and achieving your goals

nutrtion - ebook guide 

Nutrition Guide | £5

This is not a typical “diet book” it is healthy nutrition guide that covers the steps for you to create the best sustainable diet that suits you. 

You will learn:

The healthiest foods to include in your diet

How to calculate macros, 

To meet your calorie targets, 

Also included is a supplement guide of vitamins we recommend to our clients 

 No starving yourself, no gimmicks

This nutrition food guide is NOT a basic ‘quick fix’ plan, it is a resource to help you maximise your fitness progress, as an in-depth hub of knowledge that you can refer back to throughout your fitness journey.

Workout 101 - Programming Guide 

Workout Guide| £5

Another DIY solution on how to create your own workout programs, what exercises to use and why. 3 of our most popular training splits included. This teaches you what a balanced program looks like, the best 20% of exercises that give 80% of the results which we use for our clients, how to heal stubborn injuries

1to1 Consultation Calls - answer your questions 

£30-50+each depending on length

If you have a spefic issue / questions you want answered - here you can get dedicated time with a qualified PT/Nutritionist 

Fitness University- Fitness Course *COMING SOON*


This Module based coaching program is it a complete go at your own pace system designed for you to achieve your fitness goals AND at the end of it have expert level knowledge on what makes a healthy lifestyle and the tools to change for life

The complete system contains concise informative video lessons with task for you to implement right away

As well as a multitude of plug and play workout programs, nutrition programs and sleep/recovery protocols for you to choose from based on your circumstances and experience

 As well as access to our complete knowledge base of health hacks, frequently asked questions and expert knowledge

All will help you get in great shape by building muscle and losing fat to help improve your complete health

Everyone has different starting positions and end goals which is why Ive ensured this course is design with clear cut protocol a for all people from any walks of life from beginners to advanced 

You will also have access to our private coaching group where you aer encouraged to post your daily progress fro best results and to check in with your coach and new peers at health university


The training program will be personalised to your needs and will target muscle growth and fat loss, along with addressing your weaker areas. The routine will be adapted over the course of the 8 weeks to ensure you are pushing yourself to the best of your ability.


Training is key however your nutrition plays an even larger role. As the saying goes “you cannot out work a bad diet”. To make significant progress, you will be taught how to improve your daily diet and how to make it apart of your lifestyle so its sustainable long term. Remember, improving your diet is essential for fat loss and muscle building.


Bodybuilding supplements are not essential, but can be beneficial. You will be provided with a list of optional natural supplements, that may help you maximise your fitness goals.


Break down of the importance of sleep and hoew to maximise it to wake up with supreme energy, drive, feeling fully recovered and ready for the next day


How to progress gracefully, keep joints supple and strong for life no matter your age, fully recovery from those nagging injuries that have been around fro years  and even reach the full splits if thats your goal

Health Hacking/ Life Long change

The previous modules being kept concise for maximise results and impact, in the life long change section we go into great detail on more advanced areas of health and fitness, to build off of your now solid foundations, answer all complex questions asked to us over the years  


Advice on how to create a sustainable diet with foods you actually enjoy eating.

Motivation and someone to hold you accountable

Online support from myself.

I will take the guess work out of fitness and will provide you with the knowledge to see results.

Food & supplement recommendations

Training Routine

Including sets, reps, and rest times for each exercise

Printable workouts with space to log your progress weekly

An area to upload video footage for me to offer exercise form improvements

A sleep program

A cardio program

Recovery guide

Nutrition Advice

We will review your current diet and I will explain where necessary what may impacting your progress and how we can overcome it.

I will also supply recipes and meal suggestions based on foods you enjoy e.g. if you like pizza, I can give you recipes on making lower calories versions that taste great!

The Health Manual - Ebook *Coming Soon*

Peakfitness All-in-one Health Manual | £15

All round health and fitness guide to take you from zero to hero when it comes to adopting our specialised diet, fitness and lifestyle principles





In-person 1-to-1 

£30-50+hr depending on location & number of sessions prebooked 

We have use of a private gym and freelance to bring free weight equipment to you so that we can conduct a session in your own home

Price Breakdowns

Fitness University All-in-one Health Manual | £15

Nutrition Guide | £5

Workout Guide| £5

Health Audit Zoom Consultation | £30 

PT (in-person) | £30+/hr depending on how many sessions prebooked & location

Private Coaching £95 | Month 

Bespoke Coaching - £100-300+

 As our bespoke coaching programs are completely customised to your needs, time requirements, 1to1 sessions with PT etc will be priced per individuals needs